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Moving Services

Established in 1991 in Victoria BC, Time Moving guarantees qualified and efficient personnel. Our knowledgeable crew is kind and caring. With advance notice, we will accommodate specific moving “times” to coordinate your move from start to finish. We provide packing services, packing supplies, and storage facilities as required. We take a great deal of pride in our work, and our ongoing commitment to quality is reflected by our high level of customer satisfaction, repeat business and referrals, and long-standing clientele.

Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

Locally owned
and independent company

2004 BBB Torch Award Nominee

Eighty-five percent (85%) repeat clients and referrals

Dependable, reliable – Moving dates are guaranteed!

Packing services / boxes, supplies and materials

Fifteen percent (15%) new business

Moving and Packing Services

Professional and qualified moving crew

Full moving equipment on all vehicles

We guarantee qualified and efficient personnel

We take great pride in our services

Established since 1991

Time Moving is renowned for integrity, care and efficiency. It is our philosophy and our practice to move your furniture with care and attention to detail, to minimize or eliminate the possibility of damage to your property, and to achieve the desired result.



What this means to you:
Your Move is made easier!

For larger moves, we schedule the correct vehicle(s) to load up all-in-one load. You will not be paying for additional travel-time back & forth between residences for using the ‘shuttle method’.

You are assured of being “out by 12 Noon” when that is a consideration.

Vehicle size, height and depth of the van-body to accommodate all furniture.

High clearance from the ground to the flat-deck of the truck, to increase efficiency on both aspects of loading and unloading.

Larger vehicles equipped with side-exits & multi-ramps to increase efficiency and facilitate access to residences.

Custom-designed interior, fitted from floor to roof to secure the load and ensure the protection of your furniture during transit.

You are assured of being “out by 12 Noon” when that is a consideration.

Van interiors are always kept clean and spotless, on a daily basis.

Multiple 2-wheel and 4-wheel dollies to ensure a continuous flow, appliance dolly and piano-skid, tools/ toolbox, balcony ropes, orange-cones etc.

Equipment includes fully tested ropes, tie-downs, broad elastic bands, straps etc

Moving pads or furniture-pads (60-80) on each vehicle, to protect your furniture.

Shrink-wrap for added protection on soft furnishings; mattress-covers (on request).

Floor-runners – to protect both carpet and hardwood floors as needed.

Meter-hoods: we will pre-arrange and reserve parking space, where required

We do not arrive to your door with “just an empty truck”.

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