Local Moving Services

An estimate is provided in order for you to assess your budget requirements, and for us to schedule and assign the correct number of crew and vehicle(s). We assess the time-allocated to complete your move in the most timely and efficient manner. We provide a realistic estimate; it is not a firm quote. The estimate can sometimes be a little on the high side – and the final charges may invariably be lower. Our experienced movers work with great efficiency, so the final bill often end up being less.

Local Moving Services in Victoria
We do not charge according to the estimate, we ‘charge by the hour’

The simple reason for this is threefold:

1. We guarantee efficient personnel.
2. Our crew pride themselves on coming in under the estimate.
3. We only charge for the actual time incurred.

Final charges are the actual time incurred
– the time required to complete your move.
The time-charges are calculated in 15-minute
increments, with a two hour minimum.
There is a four hour charge for weekends, and the last 7 days of the month.
When it comes to moving, it is an aqueous (flowing) task. There are variables, factors and situations beyond our control that can affect the cost of a move.

Factors and situations that can affect the cost of a local move:

  1. All “smalls” need to be packed / boxed and ready to go (to avoid delays)
  2. Additional household belongings (hidden) or not apparent at time of estimate.
  3. Elevators need to be reserved (check with your building manager).
  4. Elevators in Senior’s buildings not accessible during meal-times.
  5. Elevators that are slow or not in service will increase moving/ time-charges.
  6. Additional stairs, not disclosed at the time of the estimate.
  7. Other movers or vehicles may impede access due to peak-moving dates.
  8. Delays caused by your late-arrival at the receiving address.
  9. Delays in possession-time due to previous occupant not vacated.
  10. Delays in obtaining keys from Lawyer/ or Landlord.
  11. Access constraints at your new residence (not always evident when estimating).
  12. Additional services requested; re set-up and positioning of household effects.
  13. Over-hanging trees with low branches; restricted access to driveways.
  14. Distance between the moving van and residence, may require longer walk-time.
  15. Traffic, road conditions or weather conditions etc.
Local Move

When we provide an estimate, we do our best to take all factors into consideration. For this reason our estimates are often accurate.

Planning Your Move

Arrange the date of your move to fall within the first three weeks of the month, to avoid the peak moving times at the end of the month. Whenever possible, you should try to allow 2 or 3 weeks between the date you take possession of your new residence (earlier) and the date you vacate your present residence (later). This will alleviate much of the stress of moving.

There are several benefits concerning the logistics of this scenario. First, it allows you more time for packing and related preparations. It gives you the opportunity to pre-move some articles, and belongings ahead of your move date. Renovators and/or trades-people can be hired ahead of your move-in date. It allows you time to schedule your move to occur in-between the two dates – for the purpose of returning, for last-minute details, or making arrangements for cleaning the premises. These are all substantial benefits that will far outweigh any additional cost.

Moving Services in Victoria
Local Moving Services

There are, of course, opportunities where it’s to your advantage to vacate early, to accommodate the buyer in the quick-sale of your house, for instance. If your new home or condo is under renovations or construction, and is not ready to move into until a later date, we have storage facilities to accommodate your furnishings in the interim period.

If you have high expectations for your move – we’re counting on it!