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Special considerations: As part of our service, where appropriate and as time permits; our movers will draw your attention to articles in your home that exhibit any nicks, dents, scratches or extensive pre-existing damage for the purpose of full disclosure - prior to being moved.

All furniture and household belongings are subject to normal “wear and tear” and display signs of age in the course of the everyday living environment. It is quite common, in the instance where the left-side of your sideboard or buffet has been facing-in to the corner of the room for the past several years, that when it is placed in a different position in the new residence, a long-forgotten or unnoticed scuff or blemish ‘suddenly’ becomes visible.

We recommend that you conduct a close examination of all articles in your home a day or two prior to your moving date. When the movers arrive, you may point out any articles that exhibit prior damage or appear to be fragile or weak, so that extra care can be taken to attempt to avoid any further deterioration.

Solid wood furniture is built to last. Furniture items made of pressboard, particle-board and fiberboard are not insurable. Structural integrity rarely exists in these products. These units arrive to you, unassembled, in a box. The screws and plugs with which these units are assembled are generally adequate enough, while they remain stationary. Once assembled, these articles are not sturdy enough to be moved and/or transported.

Of note, the movers will not be responsible for any lost or missing keys that may belong to any drawers, cabinets or storage lockers. It is the owner’s responsibility to safely secure all keys on their person, or securely tape the key(s) inside the drawer or cabinet (leaving it unlocked). If the drawer or cabinet is locked or self-locks during the move, it is the owner’s responsibility to retain a “spare key” or hire a locksmith to reopen the cabinet.

Preparation for your move: A very important, but often ignored, aspect of your move is that of appliance servicing. Most machines and mechanical equipment in your home will need to be properly prepared for the move. This will protect them from internal damage.

Examples of articles in your home that require servicing before being moved are washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, stereos, grandfather clocks and waterbeds. A licensed professional should do all servicing of these articles. It is the owner’s responsibility to make arrangements for appliance servicing.
Always remember that if any of these articles are not serviced before transportation, they will travel at the risk of the owner for any internal damage that may occur.

In the event of a claim: There needs to be an assessment and review for a claim evaluation. This includes, the condition and age of the article as well as determining culpability for any visible damage. Our crew is trained and instructed to disclose any incident that occurs. They are under no pressure of consequence in this regard.

In a situation where it’s not clearly apparent whether it’s pre-existing damage or recently acquired during the move, at our discretion we may accept full responsibility, 50/50 partial responsibility or establish no fault on our part. Any and all damage claims are assessed on an individual basis. When it is determined that we are at fault, we will make a fair and reasonable offer of settlement. Where we are unable to make an assessment, we consult with our insurance underwriter and/or elicit the services of a professional appraiser.

An insurance claim does not release you from your obligation to pay all lawful charges for moving services and transport. Payment is due on delivery.